Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Fun Date Ideas

Sports Game
Most men will love this - I always know an easy gift my boyfriend will love are tickets to the Phoenix Suns game.  
Some men prefer football, others hockey or soccer, but my man prefers basketball all the way and we go a couple times a season together for our date nights.
I make sure to get some ice cream or a stadium hot dog while I am there and take pictures with all the giant Suns players.

Bowling (and Cosmic Bowling)
This one is great for double or triple dates.  We took his brother and his brother's girlfriend out for a great night of Cosmic Bowling.  The music is blasting, the lights are flashing, and I'm ready to bowl with my own sparkle bowling ball.  You can even up the ante and make it more competitive by placing bets and having the "losers" by the "winner" dinner/dessert/a drink.

Festivals/Special Events
There are tons of them every weekend!  I've been to the cupcake festival and the chocolate festival - both of which were amazingly delicious.  We also attending the grand opening of Chandler's new City Hall building and got to go on a behind-the-scenes tour.  So what's your interest? - explore the world of festivals, conventions, exhibitions, and special events and have a blast with a friend or partner.  And don't forget, the State or County Fair, Flea Markets, or Swap Meets!  Check out the Brooklyn Flea next time you are in NY.

We love animals and I love the more interactive parts of the zoo where you can pet them, feed them, or hold them.  Here are the more interactive pictures at Zoo's all across Arizona:  

I'm actually scared of birds and this one landed on my head...


Any chance we get alone together to just talk - even if it is when walking the dog- is considered a date to us.  We like to go on long hikes all across Arizona - from Tucson to the Grand Canyon - and we sometimes do take our dog (who has little shoes now thanks to my Aunt who got her some cute ones).  We even camp in the snow; however, this was not our smartest idea yet.  
I make sure I still get my cell phone service, even if we are camping in the wilderness.  You will usually never catch me without my little Blackberry.

Day Hikes Shown Above

Camping Snow Trip (with a bit of hiking) Shown Below

It was really cold, who's idea was this?

Oh wait, it was ours:

Game Night
Games don't have to be boring anymore.  With Uno Attack, Taboo, Clue, and the new Scene It Games, even traditional board games have a new twist.  And don't forget video games too - we like to battle each other playing Def Jam Rapstar for the XBOX 360 (his) or Glee Karaoke Revolution for the Wii (mine).  

Movie Marathon Days
Most movies are coming out with sequels.  So why not grab a set and watch them and a movie-themed marathon day.  My dad and I like to watch Harry Potter together and to make it even more fun, you can get some of the candies at specialty stores from the movie and make themed cupcakes and other treats.  

Watching Jurassic Park? Make dinosaur cookies! 
 Back to the Future? A cake shaped like the DeLorean
You can even do this with your favorite TV Show.  Make Cosmo's and enjoy watching each Season of Sex and the City.  Or grab a pot of coffee and watch Friends.  

Movie marathon days can be really fun for rainy days, or lazy days, or both!

♥ Happy Listening fellow crafters.  
And as always,  I ♥ Do ♥ It ♥ Well. 
Love, Christin

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