Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Date Ideas

For this new year, it is time to do some new dates.  Dinner and a movie is nice, but when you do it every week it becomes a lot less fun and a lot more drab.  Drab dates are a big no-no when you are trying to keep the romance and fun alive in your relationship.  Here are some great date ideas to help you step outside your dating comfort zone:

Pottery Painting
A great date for your significant other or a friend.  Plus, the pottery you make can be a great gift for yourself and a friend.  Check out some of the ones I've made over the past year:
My friend Kyra and I had a great time making cupcake jars - she made 
the small version and I made the large version.

The cupcake cookie jar is for me.  
The shoe plate was a gift I made for my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend.

On our 6 year anniversary, my boyfriend and I painted plates.  
We eat off of them during special stay-at-home date nights.

For our 7 year anniversary, I painted this Phoenix Suns platter tray for my boyfriend.  I was going to surprise him and run next door to pick it up while we were eating; however, they closed early for New Year's so I wasn't able to give it to him until the next day!
NOTE: see the color difference between the unfired version (left) and the fired version (right)

Couples Lessons
You have to be lucky enough to have a special kind of man to do this one - my boyfriend of 7 years did not want to do any of the following together except maybe the massage lessons (which I knew he would hold against me later).  However, I have two great friends who actually met going to Salsa Dancing Lessons - they now go every Friday and it is a great part of their relationship (and a great workout too!).  
1) Dancing Lessons: dance the night away with ballroom, line dance, salsa, and more
2) Cooking Lessons: learn to make tasty meals and desserts in the kitchen together
3) Massage Lessons: learn the right technique to make your partner loose
4) Sex Lessons: yeah, it may be a little awkward, but you might learn something new

Drive-In Movie Date
Yes, the do still exist.  We went to a nice three screen drive-in out in Scottsdale that actually shows 2 movies for each ticket you pay for.  They are grouped together so 2 Romantic Comedies are on one screen (we saw "Easy A" and "Life As We Know It"), 2 Action movies are on another screen, and 2 Scary movies play on a different one. 
It is a fun great way to watch a movie; plus, no more shoving snacks in your purse, you can bring your own nice food in the back of car.  We actually went over and picked up 2 cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory and watched our movie under our lovely Phoenix Suns blanket!

Collage Night (pics coming soon)
My boyfriend and I have done this a few different times but the basic concept is simple.  Take a bunch of old magazines and some scissors and cut out pictures, words, or letters.  Re-arrange them in a meaningful way and glue down with decoupage glue like "Mod Podge". Here are some things we have made with our collages:
1) Memory Box: decorate the outside and store all the little mementos like ticket stubs, flyers, and pamphlets
2) Tissue Box: for something you will get almost daily use out of, buy a wooden tissue box at a craft store like JoAnn's and get ready to decorate
3) Card or Message Poster: My boyfriend actually was sweet enough to make me a poster of all the ways he is going to be a better boyfriend (haha, it must have been after he did something that made me upset) and we could have a better relationship

♥ Happy Dating fellow crafters.  
And as always,  I ♥ Do ♥ It ♥ Well. 

Love, Christin 

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