Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not Your Average Pet Furniture

Who says your pet furniture has to look like pet furniture?  

Ditch the old litter box cover and stick that littler box pan in on of these "Pretty Kitty Potties".  No one will be able to know where the litter box is if you use the right scented air freshener right where these furniture pieces are.  

Design 1: Ikea Hacker Project 1

Design 2: Ikea Hacker Project 2
This is actually made from 2 LACK tables that retail for under $20.

Design 3: Posh Washroom Pet Litter Hider
Seen at Home Goods for $69.99 and Amazon for $87.95

You've seen people hack Ikea furniture into their own unique creations.  Why not make your own version that suits your personal style.  Consider adding paw prints or another unique accent - even a custom door knob can make all the difference.

Cat's love to climb so why not redefine pet stairs and turn a bookcase or a shelf into a means of your cat getting to her perching spot.  Both of these designs were seen on IKEA hacker and would make a great addition to a pet-friendly home.  

♥ Happy Pet Presents fellow crafters.  
And as always,  I ♥ Do ♥ It ♥ Well. 
Love, Christin


  1. These are great ideas. Heads up however that some cats seriously dislike airfresheners and can potentially avoid the litterbox if one is placed near it. Know your cat :)

    I've been trying to figure out what to do with my litterbox for a little while now. Thanks for finding these ideas!

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