Saturday, December 25, 2010

I make great Christmas gifts

Austin opening the DOMO chair I made him 
a view of the 2 basketball chandeliers I made too:

He once brought home a large stuffed domo that took up over half the couch - needless to say we had to get rid of it, so I made him a more practical chair that he can use for gaming.

Cupcake Love Lunch Sack
Perfect for my future teacher friend, I filled it with cute animal snack and sandwich containers that I got at Dollar Tree in the baby section.

Shoe Platter
With a 3D green shoe with a white lightning bolt, this gift is a twist on the traditional painted plate that you can make at As You Wish

Heart Oven Mitts
With tons of heart accessories for my kitchen mitts, oven mitts were the one thing I could not find.  So my cousin sent me these black oven mitts and cut out silver hearts and I used dry-cleanable fabric glue to attach them.  You could also sew them on with a basic needle and thread.  

 Man Cave Themed Bowls
Pass the chips in these great man-cave themed bowls.  I made a football, basketball, and tools bowl using contact cement to attach the tools (nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits, wrenches, etc.) and sports scrapbooking brads to the bowls.  


Basketball Chandeliers
Sometimes you just don't finish every gift in time for Christmas.  Here are two basketball chandeliers that I am still working on that took a few months to create.  Each stick was spray painted either orange or black (many cans required) and the fish beads were attached using quick drying epoxy.

♥ Happy Unwrapping fellow crafters.  
And as always,  I ♥ Do ♥ It ♥ Well. 
Love, Christin

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